Centro de Investigación en Ciencias de Información Geoespacial

Publicaciones 2019

Generación de conocimiento de calidad internacional

Propuesta de un índice de seguridad de cruces peatonales para la Ciudad de México.
Jorge Alberto Montejano Escamilla, Camilo Alberto Caudillo Cos, Amílcar Morales Gama, Mario Ledesma Arreola.
Towards the Development of a Low-Cost Irradiance Nowcasting Sky Imager.
Daniela Moctezuma Ochoa.
The "war on drugs" in mexico: (official) database of events between december 2006 and november 2011.
Oscar Sánchez Siordia.
ISSN: 0022-0027 DOI: 10.1177/0022002718817093
Subjective data arrangement using clustering techniques for training expert systems.
Oscar Sánchez Siordia.
ISSN: 0957-4174 DOI: 10.1016/j.eswa.2018.07.058
La municipalité frontaliere de Tenosique Tabasco, au Mexique et la migration centraméricanaine dans le cadre de la politique sécuritaire mexicaine.
Julieta Fuentes Carrera.
ISBN: 978-2-348-04079-5 URL: dialnet.unirioja.es
Direct phase unwrapping method based on a local third-order polynomial fit.
Juan Carlos Valdiviezo Navarro.
Medic-Us: Advanced Social Networking for Intelligent Medical Services and Diagnosis.
Gandhi Samuel Hernández Chan, Alejandro Molina Villegas, Mario Chirinos Colunga, Óscar Sánchez Siordia.
Empirical methods for remote sensing of nitrogen in drylands may lead to unreliable interpretation of ecosystem function.
José Luis Silvan Cárdenas.
Conservando el pastizal alpino mexicano, conocimientos, amenazas y esperanzas.
Helena Cotler Avalos.
ISSN: 1870-1760 URL: bioteca.biodiversidad.gob.mx
Inspiratory capacity and vital capacity of healthy subjects 9–81 years of age at moderate-high altitude.
Iván Y. Hernández Paniagua.
High-Resolution Satellite Imagery classification for urban form detection.
Jorge Alberto Montejano Escamilla, Juan Manuel Nuñez Hernández.
Influence of local context variables on the outcomes of payments for ecosystem services. Evidence from San Antonio del Barrio, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Karla Juliana Rodríguez Robayo.
ISSN: 1387-585X DOI: 10.1007/s10668-019-00321-8
El transporte público de la Ciudad de México: un servicio en transición y esistencia al cambio.
Carlos Clemente Martínez Trejo.
ISBN: Volumen IX: 978-607-8664-01-6 URL: www.comecso.com
Measurement of transient dynamics on a flexible membrane by double digital fringe projection.
Alejandro Téllez Quiñones.
ISSN: 1454-4164 URL: www.tib.eu
Delineation of special economic zones using integer linear programming.
Nohemí Álvarez Jarquín, Néstor Miguel Cid García, Loecelia Ruvalcaba, Gabriel Correa Medina.
ISSN: 0012-7353 (impreso) ISSN: 2346-2183 (electrónico) DOI: 10.15446/dyna.v86n209.74839
The Costs and bennefits of Urban Expansion: Evidencia from Mexico, 1990-2010.
Jorge Alberto Montejano Escamilla, Camilo Caudillo Cos.
Planning of collision‐free trajectories for mobile robots using IoT.
Daniela Juanita López Araujo, Jose Luis Avila-Alonso, Nohemi Alvarez-Jarquin.
ISBN: 978‐1‐5386‐5935‐9 ISSN: 2573‐0770 DOI: 10.1109/ROPEC.2018.8661434
Inland water body extraction in complex reliefs from Sentinel-1 satellite data.
Juan Carlos Valdiviezo Navarro, Adan Salazar Garibay, Alejandro Tellez Quiñones, Alejandra Aurelia López Caloca.
Reglas informales en los Consejos de Cuenca. El Caso del Río Santiago.
María del Pilar Fuerte Celis.
ISSN: 1665-0565 DOI: 10.32870/espiral.v26i74.7047
Applying integrated valuation of ecosystem services in Latin America: Insights from 21 case studies.
Helena Cotler Avalos, Juan Manuel Núñez Hernández, Mauricio Galeana Pizaña.
ISSN: 2212-0416 DOI: 10.1016/j.ecoser.2019.100901
Populismo penal en América Latina.
Carlos Vilalta Y Perdomo.
ISSN: 2359-0998 URL: www.igarape.org.br
Kernel density approach to error estimation of MF-DFA measures on time series.
Jesús Antonio Sosa Herrera.
Soil erosion assessment using RUSLE and Projection Augmented Landscape Model (PALM) as participatory tool in a mexican peasant community.
José Manuel Madrigal, Nirani Corona Romero, José María León Villalobos.
Spatial differences in ambient coarse and fine particles in the Monterrey metropolitan area, Mexico: Implications for source contribution.
Iván Y. Hernández Paniagua.
Geographical aggregation of microblog posts for LDA topic modeling.
Alejandro Molina-Villegas, Pablo Lopez-Ramirez, Oscar S. Siordia.
ISSN: 1064-1246 DOI: 10.3233/JIFS-179037
INGEOTEC at SemEval-2019 Task 5 and Task 6: A Genetic Programming Approach for Text Classification.
Daniela Moctezuma Ochoa.
A Methodology for Defining Smart Camera Surveillance Locations in Urban Settings.
Rodrigo Tapia McClung.
ISBN: 978-3-030-24301-2 (impreso) ISBN: 978-3-030-24302-9 (electrónico) DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-24302-9_36
Continuous Control for Fully‐Damped Mechanical Systems with Input Constraints: Finite‐Time and Exponential Tracking.
Daniela Juanita López Araujo.
ISSN: 0018‐9286 (impreso) ISSN: 1558‐2523 (electrónico) DOI: 10.1109/TAC.2019.2921667
Using hyperspectral data to differentiate shade coffee varieties with and without rust and other canopy species.
José Manuel Madrigal, Nirani Corona Romero, José Manuel Madrigal Gómez.
ISSN: 2612-7148 ISBN: 978-88-944687-1-7 DOI: 10.978.88944687/17
An integrated approach for the rectangular delineation of management zones and the crop planning problems.
Néstor Miguel Cid García.
Proporción y distribución de erratas en publicaciones científicas.
Juan Antonio Pichardo Corpus.
A top-down approach for implementation of Environmental Product Declarations in Mexico's housing sector.
Itzia Gabriela Barrera Alarcón.
ISSN: 1614-7502 DOI: 10.1007/s11367-019-01657-z
Adoption of soil conservation practices through knowledge governance: the Mexican experience.
Helena Cotler Avalos.
ISSN: 2141-2391 DOI: 10.5897/JSSEM2018.0714
Análisis Integral del Paisaje. Elementos conceptuales y metodologicos. Estudio de caso Cuenca del rio usumacinta.
Daniel María López López, Arístides Saavedra Guerrero.
ISBN: 978-607-98310-1-1 URL: centrogeo.repositorioinstitucional.mx
Appearance model update based on online learning and soft-biometrics traits for people re-identification in multi-camera environments.
Daniela Moctezuma.
ISSN: 1751-9667 (electrónico) DOI: 10.1049/iet-ipr.2019.0083
Estrategia de Paisaje Forestal Milpero.
Ma. Elena Méndez López.
Overview of TASS 2019: One More Further for the Global Spanish Sentiment Analysis Corpus.
Daniela Moctezuma.
A Contextualized Word Representation Approach for Irony Detection.
Daniela Moctezuma.
Overview of mex-a3t at iberlef 2019: Authorship and aggressiveness analysis in mexican spanish tweets.
Daniela Moctezuma.
INGEOTEC at IberLEF 2019 Task HaHa.
Daniela Moctezuma.
The territories of indigenous people of Baja California, Mexico: Semiotic dimensions in the study of landscapes.
María Margarita Parás Fernández, Amilcar Morales Gamas.
ISBN: 978-0-444-64193-9 ISSN: 1363-0814 URL: www.elsevier.com
Monitoring and Control of Cyberphysical Systems: An Internet of Things Application.
Nohemi Alvarez Jarquin, José Luis Ávila Alonso, Daniela J. López Araujo.
ISBN: 978-1-7281-2898-6 ISSN: 2573-0770 DOI: 10.1109/ROPEC48299.2019.9057108
Modelos prospectivos de uso de suelo y aptitud agroecológica de café bajo escenarios de cambio climático en la Sierra Madre de Chiapas.
Mauricio Galena Pizaña.
ISBN: 978-607-98348-5-2 CIATEJ URL: www.elsotano.com
Influence of the Rural/Urban Context in the Implementation of Forest Conservation Programs in Mexico: Two Case Studies from Oaxaca and Mexico City.
Karla Juliana Rodríguez Robayo.
ISBN: 978-3-030-28451-0 (impreso) ISBN: 978-3-030-28452-7 (electrónico) DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-28452-7
Augmenting physical 3D models with projected information to support environmental knowledge exchange.
José María León Villalobos.
Mapping from spatial meaning: bridging Hñahñu (Otomi) ecological knowledge and geo-information tools.
José María León Villalobos.
Hacia una revisión de los municipios centrales de las zonas metropolitanas de México.
Carlos Anzaldo Gómez.
ISBN: 978-607-8611-40-9 URL: libreria.mora.edu.mx
Conceptual low-cost-on-board high performance computing in CubeSat nanosatellites for pattern recognition in Earth's remote sensing.
Juan Carlos Valdiviezo Navarro.
Extreme pivots: a pivot selection strategy for faster metric search.
Luis Guillermo Ruiz Velázquez.
Possibilities of milpa identification in Yucatan through remote sensing techniques and Sentinel-2 data.
Ma. Elena Méndez López, Juan Carlos Valdiviezo Navarro, Karla Juliana Rodriguez Robayo, Lilián Juárez, Alejandro Tellez Quiñonez.
Compact Cities and Economic Productivity in Mexico.
Jorge Alberto Montejano Escamilla.
The Reality of People Re-Identification Task, Where We Are and Where We Are Going: A Review.
Daniela Moctezuma.
ISBN: 978-0-8153-9364-1 DOI: 10.1201/9781351013437-8
Automatic Modelling of Land Use Suitability Using Deep Feedforward Networks in Leon - Silao, Guanajuato Region.
Juan Antonio Pichardo Corpus, Rodrigo López Farias.
Diversidad y Discriminación en las empresas: del sector servicios de la Ciudad de México.
Adriana Aguilar Rodriguez.
ISBN: 9786078418237 ISBN: 9786078418657 URL: sindis.conapred.org.mx
Geographic Object-Based Analysis of Airborne Multispectral Images for Health Assessment of Capsicum annuum L. Crops.
Nohemi Alvarez Jarquin, Daniela J. López Araujo, Jesus Sosa Herrera, Néstor Miguel Cid.
Impact of temporal variations in vegetation optical depth and vegetation temperature on L-band passive soil moisture retrievals over a tropical forest using in-situ information.
Mauricio Galena Pizaña.
Testing Broken Windows Theory in Mexico City.
Carlos Vilalta Y Perdomo, Oscar Sánchez Siordia, Pablo López Ramirez, Gustavo Fondevila.